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MyAvantGarden is no longer accepting new customers.  Thanks to all who have allowed us to create beautiful, low-water, native gardens for you to enjoy.  It has been a pleasure working with you.
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My Avant Garden specializes in beautifully designed native gardens! We provide easy-to-install, pre-planned garden packages that include live plants, landscape design plans and free educational classes for Southern California homeowners.   We install them, too!*   Our garden designs offer you beautiful front yards requiring less maintenance and much less water than traditional landscapes. 

(*In select Orange County cities.)

Front Yard Native Plant Conversion Projects:

8 Months Later

This garden has yet to benefit from winter rains.  It is low maintenance, colorful, beautiful, attracts butterflies, captures natural rainwater and, best of all, it is a self-sufficient, low water, low maintenance garden to be enjoyed all year long!  It captures the rain from the roof to replenish plant roots, too.  Like all new gardens, My Avant Gardens take 1-2 years to fully establish.  But unlike most gardens it thrives with minimal care.

This homeowner added a sitting courtyard to his front yard, creating a comfortable garden room plus a beautiful, low water native garden both inside the courtyard and up to the sidewalk.  In just a few months the garden went from newly installed, baby plants to a low maintenance, beautiful, water-saving front yard!

Native, naturally-low-water grasses and wildflowers replace  small, high water turf in this open entry garden...a quick path update and the result is...instant curb appeal!

Learn more about watershed gardening!

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