My Avant Garden  is a                   partnership designed

to educate homeowners on the benefits of 

converting to California native plants.

Using California native plants helps us preserve our local environmental beauty and natural resources.  


Jodie Cook Landscape Design and the Tree of Life Nursery have partnered to create easy-to-install lawn conversion kits.  Jodie Cook brings knowledge and experience to transform landscapes into environments that are beautiful, practical and ecologically-minded.   Tree of Life Nursery is the largest native plant nursery in the state.  Tree of Life has over 40 acres in San Juan Capistrano, California where they grow over 500 species and varieties of native plants.  They are the California native plant experts with unparalleled experience.


Not only is it easy to install our conversion kits, you may be able to take advantage of rebates by applying for the OC WaterSmart Turf Removal rebate program.  ( See our FAQ page for more details )

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*DISCLAIMER: Please note that My Avant Garden is not affilated with any water agency or organization.  We recommend that you contact your local water agency directly for any questions regarding rebates, guidelines or regulation requirements.   Rebate applications, requests and availability is directly handled by each water agency.

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