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Convert, Grow & Sustain Today!

Today there are great incentives to replace your thirsty front yard with a beautiful garden.  The fact is, it takes around four feet of water per square foot per year to maintain a typical lawn in Southern California, and in a normal year we receive only 9 to 14 inches.


The plants in My Avant Garden kits are designed to use far less water. They are designed to work with our natural rainfall, our soil and our seasons.  These plants have evolved over millennia to thrive in Southern California just the way it is.  Best of all, our native birds, butterflies and beneficial insects have evolved together with them.

Top            reasons to convert your lawn.

1.  Save money, use less water.

2. Save time, little maintenance required.

3. Reduced cost to you through water district rebate programs* if available.

4. Simple and easy installation with the support and help of the My Avant Garden team.

5. Create a more inviting and sustainable naturescape environment for your home. 

My Avant Garden kits mean less work for you once your garden is established (1 year) and result in a quieter neighborhood free of the noisy power equipment that is needed to maintain a lawn and non-native plants.  Get ready to hear the sound of songbirds in your front yard!

Grow California Native Plants!

Birds feed their young almost exclusively insects? Birds time their nesting with the emergence of the insects they feed upon.

Did you know...

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