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Moulton Miguel Water District

MNWD will provide a rebate to single-family residents who convert their front yard using a My Avant Garden landscape conversion kit. Rebate amounts will vary based on the type of kit purchased and installed (based on area of landscaping) and the type of landscape being converted. Installation services are also available for approved MNWD customers who have been accepted into the rebate program. To apply for the MNWD My Avant Garden rebate click here.

My Avant Garden native plant conversion kits are designed based on the square footage of your yard.



Complete Kit $1,900

 Desiged for areas

900 to 1100 sq. ft.

The My Avant Garden Madrone kit is designed for yards that are approximately 901 - 1100 sq. ft. in space with the flexibility to be adjusted to your yard’s unique shape. The kit includes a printed design concept plan with instructions and preparation steps you will need to complete before starting the installation. Learn more >

California Native Plant Landscape Conversion Kit

Purchase Price


$100 MNWD rebate             $60 MNWD rebate

          25% Savings                                                    15% Savings 

Replacing Lawn 

Replacing high water shrubs

Installation now available!

Add $3,400 to DIY kit price. *Installation includes labor, soil preparation (from bare dirt**) compost amendment, light contouring, mulch, retrofit sprinkler spray nozzles to water efficient rotators). **Please have turf removed prior to installation.  Call or email MyAvantGarden or Tree of Life Nursery for more information on lawn removal methods.

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