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MyAvantGarden…Changing the Nature of California Front Yards

We envision neighborhoods that are vibrant places to live;  healthy, alive and buzzing with the activity of people, birds and butterflies. 


MyAvantGardens are pre-planned gardens for front yards.  They are designed to replace thirsty lawns with beautiful, resilient, well-designed, climate-appropriate landscapes with curb appeal.  


All MyAvantGardens are based on the watershed approach to residential landscaping which emphasizes contouring soil for rain and not runoff, capturing rainwater, using regionally-native plants, building healthy soil and supporting local ecology all while reducing maintenance time, cost and effort.  


In short, we re-imagine the new California front (or back) yard as a thoughtfully-designed, easy to maintain, beautiful place that works for all. Join us and attend one of our upcoming educational events!  

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*DISCLAIMER: Please note that My Avant Garden is not affilated with any water agency or organization.  We recommend that you contact your local water agency directly for any questions regarding rebates, guidelines or regulation requirements.   Rebate applications, requests and availability is directly handled by each water agency.

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