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We have taken the time to design our kits in a way that is easy to understand and simple to install.  Our goal is to provide you all the information and plants you will need to convert your lawn to a native plant garden. Conversion kits are for approx. 100-1100+ sq. feet.  They are designed to be flexible for you to customize.  We now offer a turn-key transformation including turf removal and installation!

Once you've received your order

confirmation we will contact you 

Step 3

Step 4

Schedule installation or install yourself 


What if the shape of my yard isn't exactly like the  My Avant Garden plan?

As long as your front yard area (excluding the driveway) is roughly rectangular, between 300 and 1100 sq.ft. and is mostly planted area (not patio) we can modify the plan to fit.  For more information, please email a photo and address to

What's included

Planting concept plan, live plants, instructions (for your reference), installation labor and materials:

Organic compost amendment and mulch

Water-conserving swale featuring 3 medium sized boulders, contouring for rain and pebbles

Optional:  Irrigation nozzle retrofit* from spray to water-conserving rotating nozzles (*extra fee per nozzle for installation and aiming)

What's not included

Organic compost (amount will be noted on the plan)

Organic Mulch (amount will be noted on the plan). Arborist tree chippings work well and are often free!

Bird baths, fountains, rain chains, rain barrels or statuary

Boulders or gravel* (see Resources for local suppliers).  

Planters / containers

Hardscape (pavers, outdoor tile, etc.)

Irrigation supplies

How to prepare

Look over the concept plan and determine your plant placement. We recommend you schedule your plant delivery so that you are able to plant within 1 to 3 days.  If you have questions about minor modifications to your plan to fit your needs, please email


Amend soil with 1-2" organic compost to build soil health

Buy any gravel, boulders or statuary (bird bath, rain barrel, art, etc.)

Build swale/rain garden, if desired

Plant using your MyAvantGarden concept plan as a guide

Add mulch to protect soil and conserve water

Water (Retrofit irrigation to rotators, drip or microspray, if using)


Read over our recommended tips for establishing your new native plant garden. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please note that My Avant Garden is not directly affiliated with any water agency rebate program.  If you would like to apply for the turf removal rebate program for Southern California, please visit your local water district website for more information.

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