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My Avant Garden Mini Kits are designed for small and specific spaces


Hummingbird & Butterfly Haven 100 sq ft.


- MiniMAG KIT-

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The garden will demonstrate diversity with several plant types and seasonal flowers, all of which will attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial pollinators. The garden will compliment and blend with the architecture of the house and will look truly interesting and unique, especially as it comes alive with beneficial insects, birds, and butterflies. 


This coastal garden will offer many possibilities for future “fine-tuning” as you add more details and personality into the design. There are dozens more wonderful plant types that can be used in this basic design, and we encourage you to include more variety as your garden matures. As you add more diversity, you will begin to take pleasure in watching your garden become a functional landscape. As you plug in to our on-line community of Avant Gardeners, you will become more knowledgeable about native plants, native horticulture and the many benefits of naturalistic garden design using California native plants.



MyAvantGarden’s Mini Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden is a modular design for areas that are roughly 100 square feet.  These smaller gardens can be used as stand-alone entry, side or feature gardens or they can be purchased in multiples to fill in areas of a larger front or backyard.  


The garden will be completely drought tolerant and self-sustaining, once established. Local species as well as native varieties from coastal environments have been selected.

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