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Using California Native Plants: Create a truly inspiring setting right outside your door! With a naturalistic approach to planting your outdoor spaces, you can add life, depth and a sense of intimacy, while stimulating the senses of those who seek the solace of the outdoors. 


Recommended Tips for planting California Native PlantsYour native plants are in top condition and ready to plant. Like all nursery stock, these plants when brought into the landscape, need careful attention during their establishment period


California Native Plant ProfilesDescriptions for individual species and varieties with color pictures… a valuable reference for professional designers and enthusiastic homeowners.


California Native Plant Maintenance GuideA new, brief and practical guide to getting started with native plants. Whether working with natives on a large project or in a home garden, this fundamental explanation will help you keep your native plants happy and healthy year-round. 


University of California Cooperative Extension, Orange CountyA unique partnership between the University of California, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the County of Orange, Cooperative Extension was originally created to provide vital research-based information to growers and their families in this agriculturally rich community. 

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